Resumé for Dr Simon McAlister

Software developer and team leader with experience in commercial and education sectors, specialising in applications, and (web-based) interface design. Good knowledge of Java, HTML and Javascript. Can work as part of a team but also independently if needed. Self-reliant, experienced and can manage projects to deadlines. Interested in developing AJAX experience; prefer home-working and short-term contracts.

Experience in business and marketing consultancy as Programmer, Computer Services Manager, Developer, Business Consultant. Developed several large applications as part of a team, including an econometric world model and an expert system to model product sales. Provided client guidance, support and training in use of expert system.

Experience of the education sector as Associate Lecturer, PhD student, Senior Research Fellow. Taught OOP for two years; researched an original IM concept for my thesis; created an application which instantiated and proved the concept; and developed this application for a further three years with competitive academic funding.

Skills and Achievements

Languages: Java, Javascript, Visual Basic, XML, Prolog, SmallTalk, Common LISP, FORTRAN

  • four years experience of Java (Swing, Netbeans) while developing a successful educational application for Instant Messaging (synchronous) communications.
  • use of Jive OpenFire as XMPP server with SQL for maintaining and archiving persistent IM conversations; use of Jive Smack library for communications.
  • XML used extensively in the application and UML in writing up three projects; some SQL experience.
  • tutored a second-level course in OOP for the Open University using SmallTalk.
  • used Visual Basic and Prolog to create an ‘intelligent' tutoring application.
  • created a statistics server to store and process market data and perform, among other things, linear regression.
  • wrote a front-end to a large expert system in Visual Basic.
  • managed a support and programming team for seven years, developing various applications to support business and economics consultants.
  • implemented and maintained a very large system for solving simultaneous equations and producing econometric forecasts for world economies.
  • created and maintain various websites, including ones for poetry groups and a Language Homestay business.

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